BMW Art Car ideation with Cao Fei and John Baldessari

During a discussion between BMW’s chief designer Karim Habib and the Chinese artists Cao Fei at Art Basel, design ideas for Fei’s and John Baldessari’s respective M6 GT3 Art Cars were previewed, the first of which will be revealed late this year…

Joining the likes of Alexander Calder, Andy Warhol and Jeff Koons in the list of famous artists to have designed their own BMW Art Car, Fei and Baldessari’s interpretations of the M6 GT3 will be exhibited in museums and also in their natural habitat, on the racetrack. 

Having never worked with cars before, Cao Fei spent considerable time researching the intercultural relation between them and the public, and hopes to express the advances in driving technology – especially those in China – in a way not seen before. Baldessari’s Art Car will allegedly be a ‘rolling advert’ for himself, featuring aspects from some of his most famous works – his use of coloured dots, for example. How times change from spending 20 minutes with a paint brush (à la the Warhol M1) to spending almost two years researching. We hope the finished products live up to the BMW Art Car lineage. 

Photos: BMW

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