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Art Deco bonnet mascots make for sensational sculptures

Think about European coachbuilt cars from the Art Deco era and, if you’re anything like us, the elaborate hood ornaments, in their countless shapes and sizes, will spring to mind. Now the granddaughter of one of the artists who designed many of the mascots has produced a series of bronzes in memory…

Beauties in bronze

After flying Hispano-Suiza-powered fighter planes in World War I, Julie Bazin’s grandfather François was commissioned to design the French marque’s famous stork bonnet ornament. He’d go on to create many other impressive mascots for the likes of Citroën, Isotta Fraschini, and La Licorne, inspired by his travels around the world. Motivated by her desire to carry on the work of her grandfather, Julie has created a series of numbered bronzes of several of the mascots, including the aforementioned stork. “Modern cars are functional — they get me from place to place — but vintage cars are art”, she tells us. “It’s difficult to find anything that is unique today, but that was the way it was back then.” 

Photos: Julie Bazin 

You can find more information about Julie Bazin’s work at her website.