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TAG Heuer Autavia

The history of TAG Heuer begins in 1860, when Edouard Heuer created his first watchmaking workshop in Jura, Switzerland. In 1911, the company created the 'Time of Trip': the first dashboard chronograph for aircrafts and automobiles. In 1916, the company developed the 'Micrograph' and 'Microsplit', the first stopwatches with accuracy of 1/100 of a second - 1920 saw Tag become the official timekeeper of the Olympic Games. In 1964, it created the 'Carrera' chronograph, named after the Carrera Panamerica Mexico road race, to pay tribute to Juan Manuel Fangio. In 1971, the Heuer Monaco became famous after Steve McQueen wore it in the movie 'Le Mans. In 1985, the company was acquired by TAG Group (Holdings) S.A. and the brand name changed to TAG Heuer. Today, the company is a member of LVMH group.
Tag Heuer Autavia - Steel case on leather strapBEEUR 2450