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Simca was established in France, in 1934, to manufacture Fiat cars for the French market. Following World War II, the company began to produce its own models such as the Aronde. By 1959, 200,000 Arondes were being built each year, making it a runaway success for the company. The 1200S Bertone Coupe, considered Simca’s most beautiful and unique car, was the fastest car the brand ever built.
1950 Simca 8 - Berline 1950 Very nice conditionNLEUR 19950
1950 Simca 8NLEUR 43950
1957 Simca Vedette Versailles - VersaillesNLEUR 18500
1970 Simca 1200DEEUR 32950
1956 Simca ArondeNLEUR 15750
1952 Simca SportNLP.O.R
1951 Simca 8NLP.O.R