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    1 185 183
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Chassis no. 1 185 183
Engine no. n/a The legendary 21-window “Bulli Samba Bus”, a historical icon for entire generations from the 60s and 70s, is a Type 241 Kleinbus Sondermodell vehicle, manufactured in accordance with USA specifications on 16 October 1963.
Its ownership history is especially curious, having been transferred between three different continents.
Originally purchased by German Jürgen Becker and delivered to his home in Chicago (IL) in October 1963, it was then sold and transferred to Japan, where Becker himself would then re-purchase it and would import the vehicle to his hometown Costanza in Germany.
The Samba Bus was subject to meticulous restoration work between the spring of 2013 and 2014, documented in detail with photos, and subsequently it was registered with the local department of motor vehicles with provisional license plate.
The restoration respected the original Turkis (turquoise L380) color scheme, with the interior in Dach L289 Blauweiss (white/blue), and completely restored the vehicle to its historical state, with the addition of safety belts and six additional windows, while still maintaining the features of the original “United States” version, namely two reverse brake lights, laminated windshield, speedometer in miles, shock-proof bumpers, headlights with US specifications, and dual-circuit braking system.
The vehicle was imported and registered in July 2014 in Italy by a prominent collector; it is in perfect condition both aesthetically and mechanically.
Originally designed as a working vehicle, the “Bulli Samba Bus” has become an important reference for international collectors.