1957 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud I


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Chassis LSDD42
Exported to France
European configuration
French Registration Card

With great elegance, its fluid lines make the Silver Cloud the most beautiful of all Rolls-Royce with factory bodywork. Despite imposing proportions, there is no heaviness, only majesty and distinction.
The Silver Cloud succeeded the Silver Dawn in 1955. It is still built on a separate chassis. The vast majority of Silver Cloud vehicles will be equipped with factory bodywork.
The engine is derived from that of the Silver Wraith, a six-cylinder in-line engine with opposite valves—head to intake, side to exhaust. Of old origin, this 4.9 liter benefits on the Cloud from a new light alloy cylinder head. Two SU carburettors replace the unique Wraith and Dawn carburettor. The car reaches 160 km/h and runs from 0 to 100 km/h in 13 seconds, a flattering figure for a luxury limousine of the time, all in a cathedral silence. The Silver Cloud I will be Crewe’s last six-cylinder.

Our Rolls Royce has been owned by its owner since 2014. His identification card Rolls Royce informs us that his first owner, Lloyd Fleming took possession of it on 18/12/1956. It was then driven immediately to France, to Le Touquet, where he used the car, which explains the left-hand drive. It was then in a Black Masons livery with a blue interior and a meter in km/h. Its identification sheet also tells us about the options it had: Marchal headlights and tinted windshield. Its current owner takes great care of it and is part of a Rolls-Royce club active in the Lyon region. So she’s ready to hit the road, and no longer waits for someone to fall under her «so British» spell.