1990 Renault 5


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French registration
Chassis n° VF1C4050502395220

- Rare version Alain Oreille
- Preserved copy
- Dynamic behaviour

Faced with the success of the GTI versions of Peugeot and Volkswagen, which at the time were in fierce competition, Renault launched the R5 Alpine in 1976 which, despite its many assets, did not manage to prove itself to be the equal of its rivals. Renault then decided to react and put to good use its experience of the turbocharger acquired in competition. Thus was born the Supercinq GT Turbo. In terms of aesthetics, Marcello Gandini succeeded in modernising the lines of the R5 while preserving the essentials. The GT Turbo was presented to the public at the 1984 Paris Motor Show and was restyled in July 1987. Equipped with the Cleon-fonte 4-cylinder 1.4-litre engine powered by a single-body Solex carburettor and a Garret T2 turbocharger, the Supercinq GT Turbo produced 115 then 120 bhp and reached 204 kph.
In 1989, in order to boost sales of the model at the end of its career and to pay tribute to Alain Oreille and Gilles Thimonier, winners of the World Rally Championship in the Group N category, Renault presented the Alain Oreille GT Turbo. This limited series of 2,000 units is distinguished by its Sport Blue 449 livery, body-coloured rims and a discreet logo on the door pillars. Inside, it features the standard radio and special blue triangle upholstery. An identical version will be marketed under the name "Raider" in the UK.

Our Alain Oreille GT Turbo was delivered on 2 April 1990 by the Renault garage in Avesnes sur Helpe in the North. It is in good general condition, its original interior is well preserved and its chassis is rather sound, only its bodywork would deserve an intervention. Its odometer shows a little more than 134,000 km, which in view of its state of conservation certainly corresponds to its original mileage. Its mechanics received an overhaul in September including an oil change, a new fuel pump and a carburetor overhaul. At the wheel we discovered a small, dynamic and very pleasant to drive sports car. Alain Oreille GT Turbo cars are rare on the market, so our car in good condition and in conformity with the original has all the arguments to convince you.

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