1967 NSU TT

1000 TTS


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Italian registration
Chassis # 34001729

- A rare model
- In beautiful condition
- Historically followed with original Libretto
- Purchased new by Ernesto Brambilla

Presented at the IAA 1961, the NSU Prinz 4 was not only elegant, it also had interesting mechanicals: derived from NSU's motorcycle technology, the twin-cylinder engine featured a camshaft in each head controlled by a system of rods. Though air cooled, it offered excellent performance and allowed this light and agile car to achieve respectable performance. In any case, it was an ideal base to develop more robust versions, specifically a four-cylinder air-cooled engine version. The sportier of these would be the 1000 TTS, which developed 70bhp at 6150rpm, a good performance for an engine of this displacement. The car also had modified suspensions and an oil cooler positioned at the front. The production of this small pocket rocket, which was used to get homologation done for Group 2, amounted to about 2,400 units.
The first owner of this car was not just anyone - it was the Formula 1 driver Ernesto Brambilla, the brother of Vittorio Brambilla (racing driver whose career peaked in Formula 1) and who himself was the better known racing driver. Although he didn't rise as high as his brother did in motorsports ladder, Ernesto also enjoyed some good results in bike racing. Plus, he participated in two Formula 1 Grand Prix. This NSU 1000 TTS comes accompanied by its original showing this prestigious Libretto membership. It has also long been in the family since it was given to the grandson of Mr Brambilla, who ensured the restoration. Equipped with a roll cage, it comes in good condition, which is not common for this type of model. Rare and in a playful style, this NSU 1000 TTS is eligible for historic events where its shape and performance won't ever go unnoticed!