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    MA 456
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1938 Morgan 4/4 Roadster
Registration no. RN 6805
Chassis no. 468
Engine no. MA 456

An island of constancy in an automotive sea of change, the Morgan Motor Company looks set to continue building its unique Vintage-style cars well into the 21st Century. Indeed, the Morgan 4/4 is the world's longest running production vehicle, today's version being recognisably the same car as its 1936 forebear and none the worse for that as the ever-lengthy waiting list would seem to confirm. After formative years spent in the drawing office of the Great Western Railway, engineer H F S Morgan progressed to automobile manufacture, showing his first three-wheeled car at Olympia in 1910. The first four-wheeled, four-seater Morgan appeared in 1936 powered by Coventry Climax's 1,122cc, four-cylinder, inlet-over-exhaust engine. Two years later a special Climax-engined sports model competed at Le Mans, qualifying for the Biennial Cup. A special Standard 1,267cc overhead-valve four-cylinder engine was introduced for the 1939 season and would continue to power the 4/4 model to 1950. Reintroduced with Ford 100E power in 1955 after a five-year hiatus, the 4/4 was regularly updated with more modern engines and currently is powered by the 1.6-litre Ford Sigma unit.

One of only 900-or-so of its type built pre-war, this early Climax-powered Morgan 4/4 is a matching-numbers example that was fully restored in the UK in 2004/2005. It was then sold to Greece where it was owned by a TV presenter/actor, appearing in many locally produced films and television advertisements. We are also advised that the car won many concours awards in Europe. After some nine-or-so years in Greece, the Morgan was brought back to the UK by the current vendor and is described by him as in generally very good condition. The car is offered with sundry bills, various photographs and V5 registration document.