1985 Mercedes-Benz 190 E


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    Original Condition
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Competition vehicle
Without registration

Collection Mercedes-Benz France
Ex-Team Snobeck
In original condition, since the 1986 season
An important car in the motorsport history of Mercedes-Benz
No reserve

Launched in 1976, the French production championship (which became Supertourism in 1989) enjoyed huge popularity in the 1980s. The cars were easily recognizable: BMW 635, Peugeot 505 Turbo, Rover Vitesse or Chevrolet Camaro, spectacularly jousting with each other in the hands of well-known and popular racing drivers, such as Jean-Pierre Beltoise, Jean-Marc Sourd, Jean-Pierre Malcher, Jean Ragnotti, Jean-Pierre Jarier, Claude Ballot-Lena, Xavier Lapeyre, Jean-Louis Schlesser, as well as Jean-Louis Trintignant.
The Mercedes 190 E we are offering raced in this atmosphere, and was a part of the racing team of Dany Snobeck, a high level racing driver, tuner and excellent team manager. The Team Snobeck Racing was one of the great leaders of the production championship, often right at the front row, with both the Alfa Gtv6s and the Mercedes 190s.
According to the information we have and to Alain Cudini's memories who we contacted by phone, this car participated in the Production Championship in 1986. Alain Cudini confirmed that following the good results of the 1985 season, at the request of Mercedes-Benz France, the Ecurie Snobeck Racing prepared two cars, for each of the drivers. These two cars were able to race the whole season, having had no major accident, one with white sunshades and the other with red, raced by by Dany Snobeck and Alain Cudini. The latter also confirmed that the car was very successful and very pleasant to drive and that he had worked hard on the development of the chassis. For the 1986 season Mercedes-Benz won the Manufacturers' Cup, Alain Cudini finished third in the championship, behind J-P Beltoise while Dany Snobeck finished fifth, ahead of Jean Ragnotti!
The car we are offering is one of these two cars, and it has the advantage of being in an impressive state of origin, as if it had just returned to the pits after a day of racing. However, the seats are damaged and the engine calculator is absent.
It is the brilliant witness of the return of Mercedes-Benz back into competition, thanks to the involvement of Mercedes-Benz France. It is a true unmodified and unrestored competition car, which is rare for a machine of this type, and comes for a highly regarded team in DTM racing.