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Chassis No. 413688

Prior to World War II, Mercedes-Benz is best remembered for its illustrious and legendary supercharged models, such as the coachbuilt 540Ks and 770Ks, along with the sporting SSKs, to name a few. But when considering the overall success of the company, the Type 170 is regarded as the most important to the company's vitality. Given the dire state of the global economy when it was launched in 1935, placing the Type 170 squarely in the mid-price luxury segment proved to be a resounding sales success, which allowed for less profitable ventures like the grand luxury models and the funding of racing development.

The 170 V was developed with an X-shaped frame constructed from lightweight oval tubing, allowing for a large variety of bodies to be fit from 4/5 seat sedans, delivery vans, trucks, ambulances, taxis, and open touring models and convertibles. The 170 V was powered by a front-mounted, 1.7-liter inline-four, with the "V" standing for "Vorn" or "Front" in English. Rated at 38 horsepower, the engine was mated to a four-speed manual transmission with synchronizers in third and fourth gear. The construction's robust quality helped establish the reputation for engineering quality that continued for decades to come thanks to the faithful use by taxi drivers and success in the crucible of motorsports.

The rarest and most coveted 170 V model is certainly the Cabriolet A. Produced for only a short three-year span from 1936 through 1938, only 794 examples were ever produced. The Cabriolet A received revised styling with an extra set of louvers on a longer hood, elongated fenders flowing into elegant running boards, and a windshield with a sportier rake. Late production examples, such as this example, can be differentiated by their rear fender guards and unique radiator detailing.

While the car's early history is less known, it was previously owned and restored by Mario Sueiras of Guatemala, where the previous owner purchased the car in 2014 before importing it to the United States. Under the stewardship of Mr. Sueiras, the car was restored to its present striking red and black color scheme. After the care of two subsequent owners in the United States, the current owner purchased the car in October 2023 after having been cared for by the previous owner for the past nine years. As the most desirable model from the 170 V range, this rarely-seen Cabriolet A will surely be an exceptional addition to any collection of pre-war or Mercedes-Benz automobiles.

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