1963 Lancia Flavia


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Italian registration - An original and rare car - Quality old restoration This attractive convertible Flavia was first registered in Terni, before arriving in the region of Perugia in 1973, which shows from its Libretto and registration. In 1975, it passed into the hands of a young woman from Perugia and came into the collection in 1983. Fully restored, with a full body-off refurbishing, the carpets were also redone, as well as the hood. Our collector had the opportunity to replace the original 1500 engine with a 1800 that offers more torque and makes the car more pleasant to use. This mechanical flat four-cylinder is located at the front overhung, the Lancia Flavia being the first to use front-wheel drive. This cabriolet configuration has an elegant body designed by Vignale, and in addition has two useful rear seats. The dashboard has three well- thought round dials on a wooden background. This car comes with its Libretto and Foglio complementare and a set of photos that describe the restoration of the body. This Flavia, flawlessly restored by a passionate enthusiast, is elegant and discrete, and has the advantage of originality, which will surely appeal to fans.