1966 Lamborghini 350 GT


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Italian title
Chassis n° 0409
Engine n° 0409

- High quality restoration
- 4-litre engine
- Rare, high class and powerful model

According to the factory documents available to us, it appears that this car was delivered new in Italy, painted " Rosso Alfa " with black interior. Subsequently, it was exported to the US, before returning to Europe where it was bought by the current owner in 2004, without having changed colour.
Although the car was classified for a long time as a 350 GT " Interim " (2-seater with 4-litre engine), further research involving collaboration with the factory and a Belgian historian has provided us with more information. In fact, the car left the factory with a Type 351 engine corresponding to 3 500cc, as shown on correspondence from the factory. It transpires that this engine had the same number as the chassis, which is coincidental as this was not the norm for Lamborghini. However, during restoration, it was discovered that the engine currently in the car is 4-litres, as confirmed by a letter from Lamborghini following an inspection by a factory technical consultant : engine 0409 has a capacity of 3 927 cc. As the stamping of the number on the engine is not in doubt, this suggests that in the first few years of its life, the 3.5-litre engine was replaced by the factory with a 4-litre engine, as often happened at the time, to provide a better drive. This engine was undoubtedly installed by the factory, and therefore stamped with the same number as the initial engine.
This formidable car has recently benefited from a high quality restoration, carried out in Italy over a three-year period. The photos documenting the project show us that the body was sound initially, before being restored by the specialist Lamborghini workshop Nonetolla. The mechanical work was entrusted to the Salvioli borthers, former factory employee, from the renowned Top Motors in Nonentolla. The interior was completely re-upholstered by a former factory supplier in tobacco coloured leather. The results are superb.
Finished in 2013, this car has since covered some 2 000 km in the hands of its current owner, a huge enthusiast of stunning GT cars, whose major collection is based in Provence. In exceptional condition, this 350 GT has the advantage of the 2-seater body, finer than the 400 GT 2+2, with the added benefit of the 4-litre engine, making it a sister of the Interim. It represents the first accomplishment in a fabulous line of motor cars appreciated globally today.