2006 Ford GT

Ex Johnny Hallyday


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French title
Chassis no. 1FAFP90S16Y400211

- Johnny Hallyday's Ford GT
- Only 10,173 miles from new
- Owner's manuals and service book
- Specially customised for the star

The burning desire of the great American car maker to beat the Old Continent at Le Mans is well known. The GT 40 was the instrument of its success for its three victories there in 1966, 1967 and 1968. It became a legendary car and good ones are now worth a fortune, but in any case they can only rarely be driven on the road. More recently, Ford, bowing to the trend to draw on its heritage, built a prototype at the start of the 2000s recalling this legendary model. The GT project was sanctioned in May 2002. The first three production cars were built from March 2003 and limited-series production began in the spring of 2004. A prototype was displayed at Pebble Beach in August 2004. It was planned to produce just 4500 cars, but apparently only 4038 saw the day, including a hundred for Europe, and just four cars were registered in France (out of seven planned). Only six colours were offered.
The car presented here was bought by Johnny Hallyday in Luxembourg in 2007 through one of his friends, a former Formula 1 driver. At the time, the Ford GT was hard to come by in Europe. Artcurial sold the first car imported by Ford France in 2006. Johnny then asked Joachim from Car Impact in Paris to customise the car, engraving his initials on the door and embossing the letters JH on the leather panels inside the doors. He had a small ashtray fitted on the centre console, to satisfy his needs as a smoker. After driving for a while in France with the Luxembourg registration JH 1506 (a reminder of his birthday), he had the car sent by air to Los Angeles on temporary plates by his longstanding friend and close associate, Jean Basselin. Basselin followed the Ford in transit and supervised its unloading at Los Angeles Airport. Basselin recalls that one Sunday, they created quite a stir when they were invited to lunch at the Los Angeles home of the businessman Christian Audigier, who was a friend and loyal fan of the star. They went there in the Ford GT, much to the admiration of their host, who could not get over it. A few weeks later, he acquired one of his own, in the colours of the oil company Gulf. At the time, David Hallyday drove a white Ford GT with blue stripes, Basselin remembers: he wrote the books Rock & Roule and Johnny, motos et voitures de légende, in which he shares his automotive memories of the rock star and looks back at many of the cars Johnny owned.
The GT has only 10,173 miles on the clock and comes with its books. The original McIntosh audio system is still fitted and the clutch was replaced in 2019. Just as the Mustang in this auction was the singer's first Ford, so this was the last he owned.

For more information and photos: https://www.artcurial.com/fr/lot-2006-ford-gt-ex-johnny-hallyday-3980-122