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    445 PS / 328 kW / 439 BHP
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For sale is one of the best 360 GT Ferraris. Fantastic history and condition. Highly original and very well documented, a real pice of Ferrari and Michelotto history.

Highly eligible for the office Ferrari program "Club Competizione GT", the "Challenge and GT Days", "Masters Racing Series" and for sure for the "Global Endurance Racing Series" including the Le Mans Classic Race!

Ferrari 2002 360 N-GT s/n 007M one of 17 Michelotto cars. JMB raced in 2002 FIA GT, second overall in championship, raced 2003 ALMS. Restored and in 2002 livery.

Restored, ready to go
original FIA GT documents from every race included Matching numbers
Original race suit 2002 Garbagnati
Extra set of wheels

The 360 Modena, the road-going successor to the F355, was unveiled in late 1998. The new car´s revolutionary advancements were more than just skin deep, however. An all-new aluminium space-frame created through a partnership with Alcoa resulted in a 10 percent reduction in weight and a nearly 50 percent gain in structural rigidity. This new stiffness dramatically sharpened the mid-engined Ferrari´s handling. Curvaceous Pininfarina-penned styling, a dramatic departure from the designs associated with Ferrari since the late 1970s, helped usher the modern Ferrari into the 21st century.
The Challenge Series was born of a need for Ferrari to launch a racing series for its competition-minded clients. Essentially factory-stock cars, the Challenge Series 348, F355 and then 360s were stripped of most of their unnecessary weight and given a high-performance suspension.

The team JMB was asked by Michelotto at the end of the 1999 season to race and develop together with Michelotto, a GT on the basis of the F360 Modena Challenge and homologate for the FIA-N-GT series during the season 2000. It was then that Team JMB Giesse with Michelotto took a 360 Challenge and modified it to the FIA´s newly created GT regulations to compete against the Porsche GT2 in 2000. Michelotto further developed the 360 GTs into what is considered the ultimate specification and fastest 360, known as the 360 N-GT. JMB had been one of the first Teams to order several factory built up 360 Modena N-GT’s for the new FIA GT Championship in 2001. The car proved so successful that the Ferrari factory commissioned Michelotto to create a works` 360 GT, which would be sold through Ferrari´s Corse Clienti department as 360GTC.

In the N-GT specification, Michelotto boosted the 360´s 3.6-liter V8 to 445 horsepower, an impressively high figure even with the required 30.8mm air restrictors. It is reported that the maximum power without air restrictors could have been brought up to 540 bhp which makes it even today to a serious weapon on each track test day or fun racing.
To match the power upgrade, a sequential gearbox was fitted to the N-GTs, giving the car blisteringly quick gear changes. Michelotto tightened the suspension with stiffer shocks and springs, added an adjustable anti-roll bar and removed all non-essential weight through the use of thinner body panels, carbon fiber body panels, and polycarbonate windows and windshield. The interior consists of a racing cockpit that has been stripped of any unnecessary weight, features carbon fiber seats, and utilizes a roll cage for additional stiffness and safety . With wider fenders and spoilers front and rear, the 360 N-GT was approximately 200 pounds lighter than the 360 Challenge.
The 360 Challenge, chassis 118459, was ordered and delivered to Michelotto who was commissioned by the Ferrari works to carry out the development and indeed carry out most of the workwas modified by Michelotto to N-GT specification to compete in the FIA GT 2002 championship, and was campaigned by former during the 2002 championship in Europe and the ALMS 2003 season in the USA. The car´s racing career ended in 2003.

The Ferrari 360 N-GT presented here carries Chassis No. # 118459 and has received by Michelotto the number 007M of just 17 examples modified by Michelotto in 2001 for the upcoming season. These were numbered 000M to 016M, and JMB owned #’s 000M, 001M, 002M the 2001 FIA GT champions, 003M, this car 007M, and 008M.
This car on offer is the restored JMB #50 car.

Finished in Colours Green, White and Red, and some Blue, this particular car benefits from a fully race-outfitted interior, including a full roll cage, racing seat, and harness. The car has a race exhaust system, air-jacks front and rear, racing fuel fillers, BBS racing wheels, and front and rear tow hooks. The car is presented in its 2002 #50 JMB Giesse Racing livery.

Well-suited for the enthusiast seeking to explore the tremendous performance on offer in a modern Ferrari, this 360 Modena N-GT offers the unique opportunity to acquire a track-ready limited production race FIA GT race car born from the collaboration between Ferrari and the respected Michelotto company. Having had a serious race pedigree in 2002 and 2003 owned and driven by the 2001 FIA GT Champion Pescatori and the JMB Giesse Racing Team, the car was indeed second overall in the 2002 FIA GT championship.

Its engine retains the FIA GT and ALMS spec intake air restrictors (leaving latitude for the truly power-obsessed to find new thrills.) It is reported that the maximum power without air restrictors could have been brought up to 540 bhp which makes it even today to a serious weapon on each track test day or fun racing.

FIA GT Championship 2002
2002/apr/21 8th OA/1st N-GT Magny Cours Pescatori/Montermini  (r#50)
2002/may/4 9th OA/1st N-GT Silverstone Pescatori/Montermini  (r#50)
2002/may/19 8th OA/2nd GT Brno Pescatori/Montermini  (r#50)
2002/jun/2 10th OA/2nd N-GT Jarama Pescatori/Montermini  (r#50)
2002/jun/30 13th OA/4th N-GT Anderstorp Pescatori/Montermini  (r#50)
2002/jul/17 15th OA/7th N-GT Oschersleben Pescatori/Montermini  (r#50)
2002/aug/4 4th OA/2nd N-GT 24h Spa Pescatori/Montermini/
Garbagnati/Bertolini  (r#50)

2002 2nd in FIA GT Championship, 2002 SPA 4th OA, 2nd GT Class

ALMS 2003
2003/jan/5 21st Daytona Test Earle/Atapattu/Farfus/Pescatori (r#20)
2003/feb/2 14th OA/7th GT 24h Daytona Collard/Papis/Farfus/Garbagnati (r#20)
2003/mar/1 no show Homestead xxx (r#20)
2003/mar/15 14th OA / 3rd GT 12h Sebring Grégoire/Pescatori/Babini (r#28)
2003/jun/29 22th OA/8th N-GT Road Atalnta Grégoire/Salazar (r#28)
2003/aug/3 25th OA/28th GT Trois-Rivieres Pescatori/Grégoire/Salazar (r#28)
2003/aug/17 19th OA/10th GT Mosport Alexander/Grégoire  (r#28)
2003/aug/24 35th OA/17th GT Road America Alexander/Grégoire/Salazar  (r#28)
2003/sep/7 18th OA/6th GT Laguna Seca Alexander/Grégoire/Salazar  (r#28)
2003/sep/27 14th OA/5th GT Miami Alexander/Grégoire/Salazar  (r#28)

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