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1950 - Citroën Traction 11 Normale

Belgian title
Chassis N° : 3005095
Moteur : AT 04475

Second hand since 1982
Rare Belgium model, 100% original
Original booklets and history files
Good working condition

Introduced in 1934, the Traction Avant is considered one of the mythical cars of the 20th century. Designed by a brilliant Italian sculptor, Flaminio Bertoni, it owes its genesis to an audacious industrialist, André Citroën, who gambled everything on it and ruined himself with its creation. In addition to offering front-wheel drive, it would also feature an all-steel body without a chassis and many technical innovations. It will become a real national symbol during its 27-year career. 80 years after the chevron brand is a hundred years old and Citroën enthusiasts and collectors have never been so numerous.

Rare are still the Traction in original condition and having known only two owners. This is the case of this nice 11 Normale from 1950 produced in Belgium in the Forest workshops. Never restored, it has been lovingly maintained by its owner for nearly 39 years! Found on a classified ad in the local newspaper, the car was the property of a lady living with her brother, not far from Brussels. Purchased from the Botman establishments and put into circulation on 30 January 1950, it was driven daily to work, before being stored for a few years after his death. However, it is touching to see that the car was always insured and maintained by its owner before she decided to sell it. Connoisseurs will have noticed that this car has never undergone the slightest modification. Its bumpers with chromed steel bars are those of the right period, its specific wheels with body-coloured covers produced by Ets Lambert, the front lights, the Willocq-Bottin electrical equipment and of course its interior in perfect condition with a meticulous upholstery with specific handles and front backrest arches kept until September 1951. During our test drive, the car was pleasant to drive. The mechanics are good, the clutch and gearbox in perfect condition as well as the brakes that efficiently perform their function. Here is a unique opportunity to acquire a Traction Specific to the Belgian market, with a known history and never having undergone the slightest modification in 71 years!

164 bis, avenue Charles de Gaulle
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