1934 Citroen Traction Avant



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Body number: AX 04 70
Swiss registration papers

Extremely rare first-series Traction
Well-preserved condition
Significant mechanical expenditure

As everyone knows today, the launch of the front-wheel drive Citroën 7 represented a milestone in the history of the car. It would have a massive influence for years to come and Citroën would be forever associated with the concept of front-wheel drive.
At the start of 1934, Citroën was in considerable financial difficulty, and for its owner the introduction of a revolutionary new model was a make-or-break move. By rushing its launch, however, the new model was introduced too soon. The design of the 7 combined a unitary body, a ‘floating-power’ four-cylinder engine with overhead valves, hydraulic brakes, suspension using torsion bars and shock absorbers and, of course, front-wheel drive, which gave the car unprecedented roadholding, not forgetting its superb styling. All these qualities were somewhat spoiled by the flimsy construction of the first cars, which was quickly improved in the weeks to come, making it fascinating to observe the many details which can distinguish one 7A from another.
Destined to undergo considerable changes, the first 7s stood out from the other ‘Traction Avant’ models which would follow on account of several details: narrow wings, headlamps with flat lenses, externally mounted horns, a moleskin roof covering and 40cm diameter wheels. The interior, meanwhile, had a refined appearance, with a centrally-mounted dial on the symmetrical dashboard. On these first cars, the engineers were concerned about a possible weakness of the bodyshell and fitted a single-piece tail panel, so that luggage had to be loaded from inside the car. The engine was a 1303cc unit developing 32bhp; the only true 7CV, it left its name to the models which followed, even though they were actually 9CV models.
Citroën set aside 7000 numbers for this series, and the model we are presenting has the number 5814, making it one of the last produced and therefore best sorted examples. This 7A, presented in the shade of clear blue with black wings which featured in the 1934 colour chart, has undergone a thorough mechanical overhaul to ensure it is perfectly reliable, with work on the engine by J.C. Tilly and on the steering box by A. Peter in Thun. The brakes have been overhauled and new Michelin Superconfort 140 x 40 tyres fitted. The upholstery is in original, as-used condition, with the grey woollen cloth fully respecting the original specification; as is usual on these first-series cars, it has a matching dashboard, painted in grey. It goes without saying that the bodyshell is sound with no signs of corrosion.
Contrary to popular belief, a 7CV can be pleasant to drive and able to cover considerable distances when it is in such faultless condition as this one. Few 7As are left nowadays – just 70 are recorded – and if this truly charming rare model is missing from your Citroën collection, now is the time to acquire this example, which will not show its age for many years to come.

This car will be sold during an auction sale organized by AGUTTES Auction House.
It will take place in Paris, at the Espace Champerret, France, on March the 17th, 2019.
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