1988 Citroen CX


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French title
Chassis # VF7 MANK0005NK8223

- The most exciting of the CXs
- Ex-French Parliament vehicle
- In nice condition
- No reserve

Launched in 1984, the CX GTi Turbo was the ultimate evolution of this flagship model of the Citroën range. The car was powered by a 2.5-liter engine with a turbocharger and, from 1986, with an air-to-air heat exchanger, which gave the car a power of 168bhp. With a 220 km/h top speed, the CX had the performances to compete with the most prestigious foreign brands, especially in its Turbo 2 version. The CX GTi Turbo's hydropneumatic suspension perfectly handled the extra power and made the car a true queen of highway, while remaining very comfortable on secondary roads. It was also the first French car with ABS.

The example that we are offering was a car attached to the National Assembly, and was bought by André Trigano in the mid-1990s after his election as a MP. This car still has the removable cockade which is fixed to the side of the dashboard. The servicing of car was carried out on behalf of Citroën SA.
This CX Turbo is in very beautiful condition. The body did get a respray, but everything else is original and the inside is in a very well preserved state. The equipment of the top model is very complete - it has a coded immobilizer, powered windows, electric mirrors, and a Blaupunkt radio-cassette player. The odometer indicates 121,361 km. This is the ultimate model that brilliantly succeeded the DS.

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