1976 Citroen CX


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French title
Chassis # 00MK0227
Engine No. 0798030765

- One of the first examples of the Prestige
- Lengthened wheelbase, luxury equipment
- One of the most interesting of CXs
- No reserve

Citroën has always had a tradition of developing luxury versions of its top-range models, and the CX Prestige is one of them. After the launch at the beginning of 1976 of the estate version on a lengthened platform, the manufacturer had the idea to offer, in February 1976, a sedan on the same wheelbase: the CX Prestige. With 25cm more between the two axles, it had a much more spacious interior and a rare level of comfort. The rear doors are those from the break and the rear frame is larger. To power this upmarket automobile, the manufacturer initially provided a 112bhp 2.2 L engine, and equipped the car with a whole of luxuries, including better insulation, air conditioning, powered windows, ceiling light fixtures and map lamps, a car stereo: a top-range model allowing highly comfortable journeys.

André Trigano used to get himself a new car every time he was re-elected, and this CX fitted that tradition. The car is in original correct conditions, with the odometer showing 88,680 km. The body has benefited from a recent respray and looks nice in its anthracite grey shade. Inside, the Havana leather upholstery is in a correct, used condition. This is a version with manual transmission, and the car is equipped with a tow hook. This car is unquestionably one of the most interesting of the CX models, especially since it is one of the earliest examples of the Prestige.

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