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Alfa Romeo presented the 1300 Junior Zagato at the 1969 Turin Motor Show. The model was targeted at relatively affluent young people who preferred stylish and sporty cars. It utilised Alfa Romeo 105 series production parts and shared the floorpan, drivetrain and running gear with the Giulia Spider Junior. Designed by Ercole Sparda, the car had an advanced and elegant form, with a lightweight space frame encasing the well-established suspension. The body has low overhangs and is characterised in particular by a cam-style incised tail. Despite the low roofline, the glass surface is wide, which improves overall visibility. The interior, where the dash panel, centre console and seats are heavily designed specifically for the Junior Z, is relatively spacious, with flat storage space behind the driver and front passenger seats and ample luggage space. The exterior design, unadorned with chrome or badges, had such an edgy appeal that fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent used the Junior Z in his advertising.

The Junior Z is also Alfa's first hatchback. The convenient hatch opens fully by hand, but can be raised a couple of centimetres by a switch on the dash to ventilate the interior. Ultimately, 1108 Junior Z1300s and 402 1600s (various theories) were produced.

This car is a Junior Z that we sold as a Classique vehicle about three years ago. The body was fully restored in Italy in the past. After importation, the vehicle was repaired and repaired in detail before delivery. The main work includes: dashboard removal and leather replacement, sun visor replacement, floor carpet removal and staining, front bumper modification and re-plating, four wheels modification, four tyres replacement (balancing), left and right front wings and back panel modification, seat operation modification, battery replacement, The vehicle has been maintained in good condition with oil, grease and consumable parts replaced. The wheels and floor carpets are genuine and both are hard to find nowadays. A valuable owner's manual is also included. This car is highly recommended for those looking for an Alfa that is different from the rest.