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VIN No. AR755420
Engine Type: 502

Built for the Belgian market in 1965 and then exported to Spain. The car arrived in Italy in 2015, with Spanish papers, ready to be registered. It came from an important collection.
Originally amaranth colour but repainted in 502 red in Spain; hood was also replaced with a dark blue one and the seats and rear bench reupholstered in black leather. Original door panels and rear side covers in black. Well-preserved dashboard and radio of the time. Complete with a tonneau cover. A solid car, sound undercarriage, discreet paintwork that offers good looks, but needs to be refined in detail.
Mechanics in order, engine completely overhauled and efficient. A complete car, especially in the GTC-specific details. The 106 hp of the twin-shaft 1.6 engine, without the weight burden typical of convertibles, make it as brilliant as the coupe from which it derives.
Produced for just one year, 1965 to 1966, by the Touring Coachbuilders who, starting from the Bertone Maquette, optimised the project to strengthen the cabriolet’s structure without increasing its weight compared to the coupé version – in fact, the two models weigh the same. Although a production of only 1,000 units is indicated, it turns out that the actual number produced was even lower, at no more than 630 cars. A rare model, penalised at the time by its high purchase price, but extremely desirable today. Although not perfect, this car can be used in its current state or as an excellent basis for a simple restoration to competition condition. Complete with all GTC-specific parts, including the rare, well-preserved one-piece steel front and rear bumpers of the early GTs.
The car must be picked up from the province of Lucca.

Aste Bolaffi
Via Cavour 17
10123Torino  Torino