1992 Alfa Romeo 155



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    ZAR 16700000017970
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Italian registration
Chassis # ZAR 16700000017970

- Well preserved model
- The most typical version of the 155
- Generation turbo at its best

It was at the Barcelona Show of 1992 where Alfa Romeo 155 - the successor to the 75 - was unveiled. Designed in collaboration with Fiat, the 155 adopted front-wheel-drive for the first time for an Alfa Romeo of this level. The car received a choice of several interesting mechanical elements, including the famous four-cylinder "Twin Spark" engine and the V6 already seen on previous generations. But the sportier version was undoubtedly the 155 Q4 which used the mechanical elements of the Lancia Delta Integrale . Its 2.0-liter 16-valve engine was equipped with a turbo boosting power to 192bhp, and it had a permanent AWD. This is the version we are offering.
According to the Alfa Romeo archives, this car left the factory on the 1st of July 1992 and was sold new on December 31, at Montottone, Ascoli Piceno, in Italy. It still has its original red colour and has a beautiful interior in faux leather and fabric (despite a slight tear on the driver's seat), with seats that are of a sporty profile. The engine compartment is also very healthy and the car is equipped with special Momo wheels. The counter shows 161,000km, and this 155 Q4 was obviously carefully preserved. To testify to that, it has its maintenance booklet, with all details up to 140,000km in 2004. The previous owner acquired the car in 1996, before selling it in 2004 to our collector, who was charmed by the car's condition and the careful maintenance. The car comes with its Uso Manutenzione guide book.
Powerful, sporty and relatively rare, it is probably one of the most interesting and most typical versions of the 155. This car is an original representative of the turbo generation.

The cars in this collection are all offered without contôle technique (MOT). New legislation prevents us from obtaining an MOT for a vehicle that is not registered in France.