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Ferrari Hydroplane Antares II: Only flying is more beautiful

Italian boat-builder Guido Abbate created some highly successful racing hydroplanes in the 1950s, which are now sought-after collectibles. At its 2014 Retromobile auction, Artcurial will be offering one of these 'flying' boats...

This nautical flyer is expected to sell for between 400,000 and 500,000 euros

Equipped with a modified Squalo 2800cc four-cylinder engine, as used in Ferrari Formula 1 cars of the 1950s, the Antares II was delivered new on 14 April 1954 to its first Swiss owner and gentleman racer, Augusto Shapira, for the following year's boat race season.  

Ferrari racing engine

Even if the Antares II is a little in the shadow of the famous 12-cylinder Arno XI hydroplane, the light wooden boat can boast of a unique feature: it is believed to be the only surviving Abbate construction with the famous Squalo engine. The specialists at the French auction house Artcurial have assigned it an estimate of between 400,000 and 500,000 euros - an ambitious price, perhaps, but don't forget that a hefty 868,000 euros were paid for the Arno XI. In addition, Antares II is not simply a piece of motor racing history, but also a part of Ferrari's history.

Photos: Artcurial Motorcars

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