Arrow 460 Granturismo: The Mercedes of the yacht world

First came a Mercedes helicopter; now there's a yacht. And we're told that orders have already been placed for this Silver Arrow of the seas, due for first deliveries in 2015...

Next to the huge, multi-storey, luxury motor yachts that cruise the seas, the Arrow 460 is more of a compact, thoroughbred roadster - a fact starkly emphasised by the fact that the boat's first unveiling at the Monaco Yacht Show is only as a two-metre long model. Following in the highly successful footsteps of the Eurocopter EC145 Mercedes-Benz Style two years ago, the yacht now transmits the Mercedes brand's DNA to a new medium - water. The Arrow 460 Granturismo is notable for its long foredeck, set-back cabin and sliding glass panoramic roof - even a sloping rear that clearly recalls the C-pillar of a four-door coupé or sports car from Stuttgart.

The yacht has been developed by Mercedes-Benz Style and Silver Arrows Marine to implement car concept ideals in shipbuilding. Teak and brass are replaced by materials from the automotive industry to give the yacht the silvery appearance of a modern supercar. The 14-metre long Silver Arrow of the seas is powered by two Yanmar engines, each providing 480HP to allow a cruising speed of 28 to 30 knots and a top speed of 40 knots. The Edition 1 model will be built as a limited series of 10 units, at a price not dissimilar to some limited-edition supercars, namely 1.25 million Euros (plus VAT).

Photos: Mercedes-Benz