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Your watch roll is still missing these limited-edition timepieces

Just as limited-production sports and supercars are hot property in the car world, special edition watches are in equally high demand. We’ve scoured the Classic Driver Market to bring you our favourite double-signed, anniversary and commemorative timepieces…

Wearing a classic mechanical watch such as an Omega Speedmaster, Rolex Day-Date or Audemars Piguet Royal Oak is one of life’s simplest pleasures, but there’s always the risk you’ll spot someone else wearing exactly the same timepiece. One way of minimising the chances of this happening is to opt for special edition variants, which are typically built in very low numbers and hold an elevated status among those in the know. From a Domino’s Pizza edition Rolex Air-King to a Snoopy-dial Omega Speedmaster created to tribute the ill-fated Apollo 13 voyage, these are our favourite special edition watches from the Classic Driver Market. 

Special edition watches in the Classic Driver Market