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Tudor watch sells for 75 times its estimate

Every person with a Tudor at home is grinning ear from ear after hearing a Black Bay Bronze timepiece sold for over 75 times its low estimate at the Only Watch charity auction in Geneva this weekend — and honestly, we can’t blame them…

While it would be easy for the naysayers to say that the inflated price of one watch is not an accurate representation of all the models from that particular brand — and accordingly, those at home shouldn’t expect a drastic rise in value of, say, their Style or Glamour models. But this isn’t the first time a Tudor has substantially exceeded its estimate —a Black Bay One sold for 100 times its low estimate in 2015. And while the tour of Tudor’s headquarters accompanying the watch may have helped it garner 350,000 CHF — to make it the most expensive Tudor watch sold — it’s clear that the watch brand is growing in popularity. Who knows, maybe that Style or Glamour will see record prices in the future…

Photos: Only Watch

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