These are the beautifully minimalist dive watches you’ve never heard of

Founded in 2015 by two industrial designers, Unimatic creates practical and affordable timepieces that meld classic and contemporary design cues…

The young Italian watchmaker Unimatic currently only produces two models – the Modello Uno diver’s watch and the Modello Due field watch. Both are limited editions, which is a novel characteristic for a watch at such a low price point. Beneath the beautifully minimal exteriors, with their clean, easy-to-read dials and Super Luminova markings, beat automatic Seiko movements. Priced at 350-550 euros, these timepieces are very much designed to be used and would prove the perfect worry-free companion going into 2017, whether you’re desk diving or exploring the Great Barrier Reef. 

Photos: Unimatic

You can find more information on the Unimatic website.