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Strive to control time with the Fortis Terrestis 2pi by Rolf Sachs

For its latest limited-edition watch, Fortis has once again teamed up with conceptual artist and designer Rolf Sachs to create a timepiece that’s inspired by, well… time itself. You’d better remember your high-school mathematics…

An impossible feat

Officially revealed at Baselworld earlier this year, the Terrestis 2pi is all about the mathematics of time, and our chaotic strive to control it – an ultimately impossible feat. Rolf Sachs’ casual doodles of 2pi-related mathematical equations and formulae feature on the dial, which is surrounded by a 42mm, black PVD-coated case that looks frankly nondescript by comparison.

Sachs comments, “2pi is a mathematical constant, seen everywhere in our everyday lives. It exists and brings order to the simplest and most natural of objects, from the shape of our eyes to the ripples of a splashing raindrop. Time, on the other hand, like human existence, is fluid and chaotic and, ultimately, uncontrollable. It is that duality and tension between science and creativity that I wanted to explore here – something I find particularly fascinating.” Just 150 pieces will be sold worldwide, priced at £1,980 inc. VAT in the United Kingdom.

Photos: Fortis

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