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This is the most complicated watch ever made

Comprising some 2,800 components operating a scarcely believable 57 different complications, the new Vacheron Constantin Reference 57260 is far and away the most complicated timepiece ever created…

Eight years in the making

Developed by three of Vacheron Constantin’s dedicated master watchmakers over eight years, the Reference 57260 was commissioned by an anonymous client whose brief was simple: to create the most complicated and technically advanced timepiece in the world, thus unseating the famous Patek Philippe Supercomplication commissioned by Henry Graves in 1932. Weighing in at almost a kilogramme and measuring 50.55mm in diameter, the double-dialled ‘pocket watch’ (good luck with that one) houses 57 complications, 10 of which have never before been seen in horology. To observe the intricate mechanisms working in complete harmony is simply mesmerising.