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Kick-off with a cannon-blast: A taste of regatta watches from the Market

The beginning of a regatta is its most important section; only those crossing the starting line with to-the-second accuracy can hope for victory. A regatta watch can be a vital tool during this sequence, so we’ve selected some of the best examples currently for sale in the Classic Driver Market…

Flying, diving or racing – for each of these activities, there’s a corresponding timepiece with functions specific to the discipline. Sailing watches must be robust, easily readable, operable with cold hands, and of course, waterproof. Most important during a regatta, however, is timing the complicated start intervals correctly – and a classic regatta watch can help the skipper execute the perfect arrival with consummate style to match. The Rolex Yacht-Master is an obvious choice, but Panerai, Omega and Heuer have also brought some colour to the market over the years. They could also prove their worth in terms of collectability in the future – so it might be worth dipping into our pool of regatta watches, even if you’re no more than a bathtub captain?

You can find several Regatta watches for sale in the Classic Driver Watch Market.