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We’re dreaming of a road trip on Thailand’s most beautiful roads

The latest issue of Curves takes you on a virtual trip to Thailand, where you might be surprised to find some of the world’s most sensational roads in addition to dreamy and idyllic beaches…

The world is at a standstill, long-distance trips have been cancelled (for this year at least) and our radius is smaller than ever before. Fortunately, our limited freedom of movement does not prevent travel from penetrating our thoughts. And the latest issue of Curves magazine is the perfect form of inspiration for a dream holiday to Thailand. The Munich-based photographer and editor Stefan Bogner has travelled to the country time and again, exploring and documenting not only the most beautiful road-trip routes, but also the local Porsche scene. So why not take a guided journey through deep jungles, across barren mountains and along unique coastal landscapes with the current issue of Curves? Perhaps you can even make your first arrangements for a post-lockdown trip? 

Photos: Curves