Turn a holiday into a Wes Anderson film with this luggage set

For the 2008 movie ‘The Darjeeling Limited’, Louis Vuitton produced a rare luggage set that was auctioned off after filming was wrapped. The style has proved so popular that an Italian lawyer based in Hong Kong has chosen to give would-be suitors a second chance…

Alberto Favaretto is not only a legal eagle, but also a big fan of Wes Anderson and his cinematic work. With his company ‘Very Troubled Child’, he produces all sorts of accessories for Wes Anderson devotees – including a luggage series reminiscent of the Louis Vuitton cases used in The Darjeeling Limited. Even though the quality of the Hong Kong-made cases might not quite match those used in the film, they remain an interesting prospect for Anderson aficionados. And should the Parisian fashion giant take issue with their non-original design, we’re sure Favaretto is duly equipped to fight his own corner.

The Darjeeling Limited luggage set and other Wes Anderson-related collectables can be found at the company’s online store.