Spend a night in a Jaguar (hotel suite)...

The links between luxury living and auto-exotica are long, historic and intriguing. However, Taj 51 Buckingham Gate has stepped things up a gear with its £5,100-a-night Jaguar Suite...

London plays host to the world’s only ‘Jaguar Suite’, designed, inspired, infused and enriched with all things Jaguar. Ian Callum, director of design at Jaguar, helped oversee the transformation of the suite and, together with the Taj team, has managed to pack an enthusiast’s dream into a 2,000sq-ft-plus, ultra-luxury den, a stone’s throw from Buckingham Palace. With vintage hub-caps, coffee-table books, custom art, even Jaguar Racing Nespresso flutes filling the suite, there is no mistaking just how unique this accommodation actually is.

Room of passion

Sitting in what had to be one of the world’s only sportscar-themed luxury suites, certainly at this level, I enthusiastically luxuriated in the historic racing memorabilia. I could almost hear the sweet bellow of an XK140 rolling down a country lane with the mandatory splutter of exhaust fumes, and I lamented that if only the suite came with the accompanying Jag in British Racing Green, Dunhill racing gloves and a Fortnum & Mason hamper in the back, it would have been a daydream come true.

In Vegas, this would all be utterly kitsch; however, the Taj pulls it off. With a combination of a top location (and price tag to match), plus a discerning clientele, the suite was tasteful, classy and, most of all, passionate about its theme.

No Jag for the day?

When I asked the manager why the suite didn’t come with a Jaguar for the day, he smiled politely. Then again, the management isn’t exactly averse to luxury motoring. The hotel side of the Taj hosts a classic car tour of London, where guests can amble through the streets of London in some of the Queen’s old motors, followed by an equally indulgent tea.

For a traveller with a penchant for motoring and a love of Jaguar, who requires a long stay in the Capital, this might just be the perfect pit stop.

Text: Zakari Smith
Photos: Taj Hotels

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