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So, you’ve never seen the king of Alpine passes?

The almost 200-year-old road over the Stelvio Pass is considered to be the boldest and most curvaceous monument in the Alps. And in honour of this wondrous road, serpentine photographer Stefan Bogner has created a comprehensive photobook documenting its curves…

Built at the beginning of the 19th century by the brilliant engineer Carlo Donegani on behalf of the Austrian Crown, the Stilfser-Joch-Strasse is considered to be the most spectacular road in the Alps. For many early automobilists, the Stelvio — its Italian name — felt like the Himalayas. With its northeastern ramp, which has 48 bends and an elevation of up to 2,757 meters, it’s the ultimate challenge for all sportsmen — whether they conquer the holy mountain by car, motorcycle, or bicycle.

With more than 300 pages in the photobook Stelvio, photographer Stefan Bogner was able to properly honour his most beloved passage of road. The words accompanying the photos, explaining the history of the pass and providing route guidance, were written by our in-house curve lover Jan Baedeker. Although the road is now closed for its winter hibernation, after the reading this book, you’ll see the curves of the Stelvio with completely new eyes.

Photos & Video: Stefan Bogner

The book Stelvio has been published by Delius Klasing Verlag and is now available for pre-order