Art Deco and 1970s glam collide at the new Hotel Saint-Marc in Paris

A new hotel has opened in the Second Arrondissement in Paris, combining Art Deco design elements with the colourful glamour of the 1970s. Responsible for the surprisingly successful mix of styles is the hip Milanese duo behind the Dimorestudio creative agency…

With their eclectic compositions of art, fashion and architecture, the Milanese designers Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran, founders of Dimorestudio, have cemented themselves as stars of the Italian design scene. Now the studio has designed the new Hotel Saint-Marc, opposite the Opera-Comique in the Second Arrondissement, and the result is highly impressive. Originally a townhouse built in 1791, the hotel comprises 26 rooms, each of which is furnished with vintage furniture, contemporary objects, colourful carpets, ornamental wallpaper and countless works of art. If David Lynch ever decided to make his own remake of ‘The Shining’, the Hotel Saint-Marc would prove the perfect backdrop.

Photos: Dimorestudio / Hotel Saint-Marc

You can find more information about the Hotel Saint-Marc in Paris here.