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Max out your supercar at this Estonian road rally

Between the 20th and 22nd of June, Drivestonia will give you the chance to max out your hypercar, sports car, or classic surrounded by Estonia’s stunning scenery, all without breaking the law!

It’s a bucket list item for every car enthusiast under the sun; we all dream of hitting redline in the top gear of our pride and joy. However, in 2024, the number of places where you can achieve this dream without landing up in jail are slim to say the least. Sure, the Autobahn is always open for business, but the unpredictable lorries and traffic add an unwelcome level of stress to what should be a moment of pure thrill. Thankfully, Drivestonia 2024 is just around the corner, giving you a chance to reach v-max on closed Estonian b-roads. Even better, it’s not a competition, meaning everyone in attendance can satisfy their need for speed without feeling pressured to top the timing charts. 

Organised by 5-time Estonian rally champion and 2006 FIA NEZ Champion Margus Murakas, it’s safe to say any attendees will be in good hands. While Drivestonia themselves liken the event to a hybrid of the Targa Florio and Isle of Man TT, one participant from the previous edition last August said, “It’s like the Mille Miglia on steroids!” If you ask us, both descriptions are right up our alley.

This year, the 650 kilometre route will take the attendees through 75 percent of mainland Estonia. Starting in the capital city of Tallinn, the first night will be spent in the university city of Tartu, while the finish line will be in the summer capital, Pärnu. The main event will take place on June 20th and 21st with five special stages per day, totaling 90km of no-speed limit driving bliss, while the 22nd will see participants head to Estonia’s only FIA-certified circuit, known as the Porsche Ring, to cap things off with a good old fashioned track day. As with last year, expect to be surrounded by Ferraris, Porsches, and Lamborghinis as you hurtle through Estonia’s scenic countryside. You don't have to drive a supercar to attend, though, plenty of different classes encourage less exotic metal to participate as well! So, if you’ve been looking to max out your ride, would you rather do it on a busy highway, or on some of the most beautiful backroads Europe has to offer? If your answer is the latter, head to Drivestonia's website to secure your tickets now