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Iconic coachbuilder Crayford returns with Mini Mojito at London Concours

The iconic Crayford name will make a spectacular return when the newly-revived British coachbuilding brand unveils its Mini Mojito at London Concours on 6-8 June 2023.

Crayford was the British coachbuilder of its time, daring to reimagine and convert various cars to create new models that were proudly different and turned heads the world over. Manufacturers that had models memorably coach-built by Crayford included Morris Mini, Rover, Lotus Cortina and Mercedes-Benz. 

The Crayford brand, which survived for more than 60 years in the UK, still has a passionate following today – not only in the UK and USA but around the world. It has recently been revived by a group of British classic and competition car aficionados with 70 years of experience at a high level in the industry.

“There’s still a huge amount of passion for the Crayford name and everything the brand stood for as a traditional and skilled British coachbuilder,” Kent Thirley, Crayford’s UK-based executive director explains. “For me, Crayford is an icon of British motoring and we’ve spent the last two years assembling a team to revive the brand in a way that remains loyal to its 64-year heritage and creative spirit.”

The eye-catching Mini Mojito is the first car to be designed, hand crafted and launched by the newly-formed Crayford team. The original mission statement penned by the founders of Crayford in the early 1960s was ‘to design and build cars that are unique, to redefine what’s possible when you harness devotion and innovation’. The Crayford Mini Mojito stays true to those values. It’s a British icon – reimagined. 

Reminiscent of the very rare and original Mini-based Beach Car, the Mojito’s look is authentically 1962 and stylishly simple – but with a luxurious marine-inspired twist. Master craftsmen have used many materials synonymous with the superyacht industry to create a stunning interior, and the Mojito’s made-to-measure floor has been crafted using the finest marine-grade Teak.

The appeal of the Crayford Mini Mojito doesn’t end there. It’s also a car that’s been carefully re-engineered from the ground up to create a modern run-around that's easy and fun to drive in today’s modern traffic conditions. “We’ve taken great care to design a car that looks authentic and has all the charm of the Mk1 Mini – but without the handling and braking compromises,” Thirley points out. “The Mojito is built for today’s market and meets the expectations that come with that. It drives and handles as well as it looks – pretty special.”

The modern-day relevance of the Crayford Mini Mojito is supported by a comprehensive UK-based service, restoration and sales facility and optional fully-electric powertrain that’s been designed and built in the UK and neatly packaged under the bonnet. For customers that want to turn fellow motorists’ heads at the pump, a Cooper-specification high output conventional petrol engine is one of a long list of options and endless personal customisation possibilities you would expect a coachbuilder of Crayford’s pedigree to offer.

The Mini Mojito, complete with its detachable roof and punchy personality, is bidding to write a new and exciting chapter in the Crayford history books. It’s expected to be a popular attraction when classic car enthusiasts gather in the grounds of The Honourable Artillery Company to take in the sights and sounds of London Concours. 

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