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FuoriConcorso is set to paint Lake Como British Racing Green in 2024

After a standout event in 2023, FuoriConcorso is set to bring glitz and glamour to the historic and picturesque backdrop of Lake Como once more. Taking place at the shores of Lake Como from 25th to 26th May, visitors can expect more memorable moments packed with automotive culture.

Nestled in the historic gardens of Villa del Grumello and Villa Sucota, two glamorous estates overlooking Lake Como and the surrounding mountains, visitors can expect to see not just natural beauty, but that of the man-made variety too. Some of the finest cars in four-wheeled history will grace these perfectly manicured lawns and pathways, ranging from Group C racers to one-off Rolls Royce creations. Special exhibitions by automotive partners such as Porsche, Koenigsegg, Pagani will enrich the visitor experience. In addition, we are happy to announce the world premiere of a very special car at FuoriConcorso.  

Every year, a special theme highlights a different aspect of automotive history and creativity with a line-up of iconic, rare, and previously unseen custom cars and prototypes. The FuoriConcorso theme for 2024 is British Racing Green and celebrates British motoring history from Formula 1 to Le Mans, paying particular attention to Aston Martin’s vibrant history both on and off the track. Among the fabulous array of British wonders, you can expect to see Aston Martin models dating back to the early DB3s, right through to some of Marek Reichman’s greatest designs, such as the Vulcan. 


Celebrating Formula 1 Legacy at FuoriConcorso 

Brace yourselves for an electrifying homage to the titans of motorsports at FuoriConcorso, we are revving up the excitement with an exclusive showcase featuring striking Formula 1 race cars that have ignited passions across the decades.

This high-octane display promises to be a thrilling celebration of Formula 1's unparalleled legacy, presenting a handpicked selection of F1 legends that have left an indelible mark on the tarmac. We are thrilled to announce that among this outstanding selection of race cars will be the iconic Lotus 72 F1 car. Famously piloted by the Brazilian racer Emerson Fittipaldi, the Type 72 won notable races such as the Spanish, Belgian, British, Austrian, and Italian Grand Prix in 1972, and the Argentine, Brazilian, and Spanish Grand Prix in 1973. This historic racing masterpiece, celebrated for its innovative design and unparalleled performance, will be a focal point among the other revered Formula 1 cars showcased at the event. 

Adding to the significance of this occasion, the Lotus 72 will be presented by none other than Clive Chapman, son of Colin Chapman, the visionary and charismatic founder of Lotus. Racing enthusiasts and automotive aficionados alike are invited to celebrate the enduring legacy of Lotus and the remarkable achievements of Emerson Fittipaldi behind the wheel of the iconic Lotus 72.

Exciting Conversation Programmes Return to Ignite FuoriConcorso 

FuoriConcorso is thrilled to announce the return of its highly successful conversation programmes, which have featured automotive tycoons such as Horacio Pagani, Christian von Koenigsegg, and racing legend Jean Alesi in the past. These engaging discussions have captivated audiences with insights from industry leaders, and we are excited to inform you that this year's event will continue this tradition with a line-up of exciting panel talks. 

Against the backdrop of automotive splendour, these panel discussions promise to ignite curiosity and captivate enthusiasts with insights from specialists and renowned names from the world of cars. The first headline panel, "Formula 1 Legacy - Celebrating the mother of all Race Series" will take attendees on a high-energy journey through the storied history of Formula 1. Delve into the heart of motorsport greatness and uncover the enduring legacy of the world's premier racing series. During the panel discussion, drivers, engineers and team principals will share their insider stories from their time in the top flight of motorsport. 

Next on the panel menu, "Car Photography - The Unsung Art" will shine a spotlight on the often-overlooked yet profoundly influential world of automotive photography. From capturing classic beauties to exotic marvels, learn the secrets behind immortalising these automotive masterpieces through the lens of expert photographers and industry insiders. 

Finally, "Cars as Investments - Blue Chips on Wheels" invites attendees to explore the fascinating intersection between automotive passion and investment strategy. With insights from financial experts and seasoned collectors, discover the allure and potential pitfalls of investing in classic cars, unlocking the secrets of automotive investment. 

Each panel will feature specialists and famous names in their respective fields, ensuring engaging discussions and valuable insights for all attendees. Stay tuned for further announcements as the lineup of panellists will be revealed closer to the event date, promising an element of excitement and anticipation for all. 

With an event hosted on such beautiful grounds, it’s of course not all about the cars, but a chance to relax and truly immerse yourself in one of Italy’s gems. FuoriConcorso provides a chance to take in the historical importance of these breath-taking buildings and their vast grounds, all while sipping some of the finest aperitivos and cullinary delights. For the avid people-watcher, the event is a chance to surround yourself with the effortlessly stylish, with many attendees opting to dress in their best for the occasion. 

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to ignite your automotive knowledge and engage with industry luminaries at the event. Reserve your place today and prepare to spark your passion for cars. FuoriConcorso is set to dazzle the automotive calendar once more, taking place on the 25th to 26th of May 2024, where automotive design and passion will be celebrated like no other event. The ever-changing landscape of Lake Como is simply breath-taking at any point in the year, but during the late springtime of May, the botanical gardens and vibrant colours of nature are in full bloom, only adding to the mesmerising display of automotive icons set to be showcased. To find out more about FuoriConcorso, as well as a chance to discover more on the multiple beautiful locations that will play host to the event, visit Here you will also find travel information, accommodation recommendations, press information, contact details, as well as a stunning selection of detailed books, made in conjunction with previous Fuori Concorso events.  

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