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Experience the AGTZ Twin Tail at FuoriConcorso this weekend

We first spoke about this trailblazing tie-up between La Squadra and Zagato earlier this year, but it now takes a thrilling step forward with the global static debut of AGTZ Twin Tail on the vista of Lake Como.

When we first saw the teasers from Zagato’s historic Milan-based Atelier back in February, we couldn’t believe our eyes. Was this the ultimate homage to the past, whilst retaining the perfect level of modernity and cutting-edge innovation? The entire Classic Driver office agreed, but we’d have to wait until we saw it in the flesh to really fall to our knees in admiration. Thankfully, Lake Como, and more specifically one of our favourite events of the year, FuoriConcorso, will play host to not only some of the world’s coolest cars, but it will also be the backdrop for the AGTZ Twin Tail's static debut.

“Our project is dedicated to people that are looking for something more in automotive,” says Jakub Pietrzak, Founder of La Squadra. “People that are looking for something that you can’t see every day on the street. People that are looking at cars through an artistic prism.” Everywhere you look, the car truly is a work of art. Eac inch of the car has been carefully considered and reimagined, whilst retaining a close resemblance to the A220 racer, a car that was built with the highest of hopes, but was transformed into a 30cm-shorter race car, allowing it to tackle the sharper turns and increase its agility. 

The AGTZ Twin Tail builds on that determination and ambition, with its party piece naturally being the way it can transform its bodywork. Built almost entirely of carbon fibre, its innovative removable tail has been made as light as possible, it allows its driver to detach or reattach the tail whenever needed, while helping to ensure that the overall kerb weight closely resembles that of its donor car. A custom-made trolley assists with the physical transformation, before proudly displaying the rear deck when not in use.

The key ethos around the car is its unique adaptability. This multicultural collaboration between La Squadra and Zagato has created a breath-taking sculpture that can be admired in two different forms. The longtail boasts tailored elegance and style, whereas the shorttail appears stockier and more muscular in its appearance. However you want to be seen, a quick costume change and the choice is yours! 

If you, like us, are desperate for one, customer deliveries will commence in October, with a mere 19 cars being created, adding to the exclusivity and rarity of this special collaboration. For now, the AGTZ Twin Tail makes its static debut in prototype form at FuoriConcorso on 25 and 26 May 2024, ahead of its dynamic debut in July at a headline automotive event. Naturally, we’ll be bringing you along for the ride at every step of the way!