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All we want for Christmas is this 810hp V12 Ferrari Monza SP2

Santa baby, won’t you deliver us a Ferrari Monza SP2 for Christmas? Or, if you’d rather not leave it up to a bearded, jolly pseudo-deity, Art and Revs have this outstanding example ready for you!

While we car fanatics tend to moan about how technology is diluting the driving experience, there are a few manufacturers out there that use cutting edge science to bring the rides of our dreams to our roads, and the Ferrari Monza SP2 is perhaps the perfect example. This roofless, windowless wonder might look like a video game render, but in reality, it rolled off the Maranello production line just this year, and currently shows only 1129km on the odometer. 

That means its 810 horsepower, 6.5-litre naturally-aspirated V12 is ready to scream all the way up to its 8,500rpm redline. While the Monza SP2 shares much of its drivetrain with the fractionally less mental 812 Superfast, extensive use of carbon fibre and the missing roof means that this topless missile has just 1,500kg to shift. So, on Christmas morning, you and one very lucky passenger could experience what 0-60 mph in just 2.9 seconds and a top speed of 189mph feels like, but you might want to don some helmets first. 

Although it might look like an oversized Hotwheels, the Iconic Rosso Corsa paintwork and Italian flag centre stripe immediately lets onlookers know that the crimson blur they just witnessed was in fact a prancing horse. Meanwhile, you’ll be able to savour the beautiful brown interior, which further strengthens this cars spiritual ties to the famous 1950s barchettas that inspired it. 

Designed by Ferrari’s styling department under the supervision of Flavio Manzoni, the Monza SP2 swiftly accrued a number of design awards, and you only need a glance to see why. However, that masterful design and heart-stopping V12 was always intended to be a rare treat for a lucky few, and only 499 examples were ever built. So, if you want to savour one of the greatest performance cars of the century, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the good people at Art & Revs.




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