Small Cars, Big Bang

Tornado Fiat 600GT: Stormchasing with Colin Chapman

Fiat 600s were a common sight on 1960s roads, with over 2.6 million produced during the car's 14-year lifespan. But the opposite was true of the Tornado 600 – of which just three were built. And one was given Lotus power, following the recommendation of Colin Chapman. We take a closer look... read more >>

Abarth Scorpione: Sting in the Tail

The Fiat 850-based 'Lombardi Grand Prix' was produced by no fewer than four different marques, with Abarth siring the most powerful version. But this was not enough for one young Italian engineer, who took further development into his own hands to create his ideal hillclimb car... read more >>

Biggie Smalls: The tiny wonders of the Classic Driver Marketplace

We have a penchant for luxurious, meatily engined motor cars as much as the next man or woman, but every collector should have at least one mini marvel to occupy a half-space in their garage. We’ve selected a few currently available in the Marketplace that wouldn’t look embarrassed sitting alongside much more ‘developed’ machinery... read more >>

Automobiles BMC: The ‘Mini Dream Factory’

Have you ever seen rows of shelving, four storeys high and the length of a gymnasium, all full of Minis? And does the expression ‘Shorting Break’ mean anything to you? If not, you need to visit French Mini specialist ‘Automobiles BMC’... read more >>

Small but Perfectly Formed: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Marilyn Monroe

Standing just 5ft 5.5in tall, who would have imagined that little Norma Jean, a.k.a. Marilyn Monroe, would become one of the world's most famous movie stars? Certainly not that bright young thing from Los Angeles. We have discovered five facts about the luminescent blonde we would like to share... read more >>

Kleine Tasse, große Maschine: Espresso Veloce

That heady black brew served up in dainty cups is as much a part of Italy as the red speed demons from Ferrari. Keeping this firmly in mind, the founders of the aptly named Espresso Veloce created the perfect union of car and coffee. Here’s how to pimp your daily demitasse... read more >>

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