Sail the skies in your very own Douglas DC-6

The sadly imminent retirement of the sole remaining Vulcan bomber highlights the importance of keeping historically significant aircraft airworthy. Now a novel new ownership scheme seeks to restore one of the best-known Douglas DC-6 airliners, and return it to flight…

Arguably the finest piston-engined airliner of all time, the Douglas DC-6 is a relic of the golden era of transatlantic air-travel, when flying meant romance and exploration, rather than baggage allowances and legroom. The British company Cloudmaster Limited has secured one of the best-known examples, and is looking for eight shareholders to purchase a stake in the plane.

An airborne icon

G-APSA, or ‘Gappser’ as it became affectionately known, was in active service from 1959 until 2004, and was used for countless different purposes, from ferrying passengers to glamorous European resorts such as Nice and Rimini in the 1960s, to transporting cargo across the globe throughout the 1990s. Since its retirement from active service in 2004, it’s been given a role in the Bond thriller Casino Royale, and starred at the prestigious Freddie March Spirit of Aviation concours, held at the Goodwood Revival each year.

Back to the skies...

Now Cloudmaster has assembled a team of experts charged with carrying out a no-compromise restoration of the plane, to its exacting original standards. It’s expected to last 30 months, and will include the fitment of a brand-new, Mad Men-inspired interior, designed by award-winning London studio Bannenberg & Rowell and boasting enough space for you and 27 friends to fly in total comfort. It’s more classic yacht than private jet.

Eight shares in the plane are being offered for sale, each granting the customer at least 34 days of access to the airliner, with the remaining time dedicated to repairs or maintenance (which will be carried out by Cloudmaster). On their allocated days, the only limiting factor to how much an owner can use the plane will be the maximum duty time of the crew. So what will it be – the Maldives for Christmas 2018?

Photos: Cloudmaster Limited

Interested in purchasing a share in Cloudmaster’s DC-6? You can find more information here