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This Aston Martin helicopter embodies aerial power, beauty and soul

Boats, submarines and motorcycles – it feels as though there’s hardly a field of transportation that Aston Martin hasn’t turned its hand to. The luxury carmaker’s latest extra-curricular project is a helicopter designed in partnership with Airbus…

To the skies! 

Given Aston Martin’s precarious financial circumstances, we find it strange that the illustrious British marque continues to dabble in areas of mobility for which it is not known in the slightest. But ours is not to question why. Its latest partnership is with Airbus Corporate Helicopters, the result of which is this special edition ACH130. While the sleek exterior of the aircraft can be specified in a range of Aston Martin colours, it’s inside where the modifications are most obvious. The ‘automotive-inspired’ cabin is festooned with Aston’s handcrafted suede and brogued leather and is said to embody its commitment to beauty and craftsmanship. Naturally, there’s a smattering of the famous wings logos to be found, ideal for showing off your brand loyalty to your passengers. Well, it’s cooler than a baseball cap or a bottle of iffy cologne, but in an era when social stigma regarding personal transportation and its impact on the environment is growing ever more prevalent, we’re not sure we really see the point. 

Photos: Aston Martin 

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