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These stylish, high-performance sunglasses are all about affordability

Born of the need for affordable sunglasses suitable for both skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer, Vallon’s stylish and high-quality range of eyewear is perfect for thrill-seeking adventurers and fashionistas alike…

Fusing classic designs from the past with high-performance materials from the present, Vallon prides itself on its sunglasses’ versatility. Vallon’s founders cite Verbier in Switzerland as the ground zero for the brand – “we lacked a pair of sunglasses ideally suited for both ski touring in the winter and hiking in the summer,” they explain. Affordability is as high on Vallon’s list of priorities as style and performance. By cutting out the middlemen of the traditional retail process and going directly to the material source, it can offer its wares directly to its customers at a lower price point. What’s more, for every pair sold, Vallon will ensure a kilogram of plastic waste is recycled on your behalf. Because nobody likes to see our oceans and mountains polluted with plastic. We’re delighted that Vallon’s range of sunglasses and goggles can now be found in the Classic Driver Shop. Our personal favourite pair is the blue Heron Ocean, with its mirrored polarised lenses and discreet leather sun shields, perfect for a long day on the water. 

Vallon sunglasses in the Classic Driver Shop