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Shopping for your summer getaway just got easier thanks to Finaest

Shopping for a holiday is the best kind of shopping. Lightweight fabrics, Panama hats, slip-on loafers — they're the items we want to wear all the time but only have few opportunities to do so. And Classic Driver dealer Fineast makes shopping for your perfect getaway all the more enjoyable…

Shop ’til you drop

To be able to pop on the internet, scroll through pages of clothes and accessories, click a few buttons, and then have all your great finds show up on your doorstep 24 hours later is a thrill in itself. And you might even find that after cashing out your virtual shopping bag filled with all your holiday attire — from the Vespa-patterned double-twisted cotton Miami shirt and the Baleine Porfirio swim shorts to the brown calf leather tasselled loafers and the tortoise arm glossy honey brown Frank by Kyme sunglasses — the anticipation for the arrival of your package may just outweigh that for your upcoming holiday.

Photos: Finaest

For all your holiday clothing and accessory needs, you can find Finaest’s full inventory in the Classic Driver Market.