Finaest is bringing Italian fashions to your front door

Just in time for a relaxing wine-tasting trip in Tuscany or a beachside jaunt in Sardinia, Finaest has recently joined the Classic Driver Market and has some great Italian fashions and accessories to make your summer vacation rocambolesco…

Irresistibly Italian

A play on the words finest and aesthetic, Finaest features some fantastic examples of high-quality fashion products and accessories from not just well-known Italian brands but also young designers new on the scene. When founders Andrea Viganò and Luca Gianmaria Catalano started the online boutique in 2012, they wanted to create a platform to promote Italian craftsmanship and creativity — and that they did. From travel trunks by Grignola, Boston bags by Adriano Meneghetti, and cigar sets by Cedes Milano, the selection from Finaest is pure Italia — and can be found in the Classic Driver Market

Our 10 favourites from Finaest