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BMW’s latest clothing line is a 1970s trackside throwback

Automotive-inspired clothing is often something of a cliché, clinging on to any link to a chosen car at the expense of style. However, BMW has played to its strengths with its latest collection and may have just put itself on pole in the fashion race…

Moustache not included

It would appear that retro is very much ‘in’ right now, and the new BMW Motorsport Heritage Collection is right on trend, with BMW’s classic racing colour scheme and stripes seen throughout, from leather jackets to a ‘Paper Jacket’, which can be written on with waterproof markers — just in case you need somewhere to record your lap times. This collection is a refreshing change from the 1950s-inspired clothing we’re used to seeing and a surprisingly tasteful take on fuelled-up fashion.

Photos: BMW Lifestyle

You can browse the entire BMW Motorsport Collection on the BMW Shop website.