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The art of the driving glove

Ferdinand Engelmüller opened his shop in 1865, and today the brand is known globally for it’s exquisite driving gloves that have been worn by drivers for over 100 years.

Thirty years after the brand was launched, Ferdinand’s son Emil, took over the Czech based business. Emil was a motor enthusiast and straight away prepared a range of driving attire for the gentry that was exhibited in 1904.

In 2015 the company was relaunched having closed in the late 1940s. 150 years after the founding of the brand a new collection of fine driving gloves was launched paying tribute to its illustrious past.

Available now in the Classic Driver Shop are the latest range of driving gloves from Engelmüller, with almost 50 styles and colours to choose from, there is a glove for all cars and occasions!


Our top ten Engelmüller gloves