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Alain Prost’s children have created the perfect casual driving gear

8JS was created by Sacha Prost, the son of four-time Formula 1 World Champion Alain Prost, along with his brother Nicolas and sister-in-law Delphine. Now you can buy the automotive apparel from 8JS in the Classic Driver Shop…

“One night the idea was sparked amongst us,” Sacha Prost remembers. “We were discussing how we weren't really moved by current automobile-inspired brands. So why didn’t we give it a go? Five minutes later, 8Js was born.” And whilst the name pays homage to eight drivers from the 1970s who are commemorated in motorsports history for their charisma and style, the products are a contemporary interpretation of the simple and sportive wardrobe that you see in period images from the coolest era of Formula 1 racing. Now you can find the t-shirts, trousers, jackets, hats and racing sneakers from 8JS in the Classic Driver Shop.

Live the fast life with these best-sellers from 8JS