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This multifunctional furniture solves problems you didn’t know you had

Designed in collaboration with Victorinox, Stephen Kenn’s innovative selection of multifunctional furniture is said to solve problems in the same way as the Swiss brand’s iconic penknives…

Stylish, sturdy

Comprising a chair-cum-stepladder, a desk that niftily transforms into a coffee table and a cabinet that doubles as a full-length mirror, Kenn’s stylish, efficient and multifunctional range of furniture is ideal for city-centre dwellers who’re crying out for more space. The pieces not only take inspiration from the philosophy of Victorinox’s Swiss army knives, but also their rustic aesthetic quality. Take the legs of the sturdy transformable desk, for example – they’re shaped just like the toothpick that fits so discreetly in the top of the penknives. 

Photos: Stephen Kenn

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